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Papillon (1973)
In this harrowing epic of courage, endurance and escape, one man is determined to live free--or die--the true story of Henri Charrière, also known as Papillon. Steve McQueen and Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman star in this biography of a man unjustly convicted of murder and sent to prison in French Guiana. Charriere (McQueen) earns the nickname Papillon for the butterfly tattoo on his chest, but the name might just as well apply to his need to be free: He devotes his life to escaping from the jungle prison and, later, from Devil's Island--failing numerous times before succeeding in a daring breakout, only to be recaptured. But through failure, punishment and deprivation, Charrière never abandons his dream of freedom. Based on the autobiography of Henri Charrière.

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