The White Balloon (1995)
Set in downtown Tehran on March 21st, New Year's Day, the story follows the adventures of Razieh, a self-reliant 7-year-old whose heart is set on buying a particular plump, multi-finned goldfish for her family's New Year's celebration. Razieh's mother reluctantly relinquishes her last bank note for the extravagant purchase, instructing the child to return with plenty of change. Razieh ventures alone to the hectic marketplace to buy her special goldfish, but a pair of crafty snake charmers promptly swindle her out of her bank note. She recovers her cash only to lose it again before reaching the pet shop. At the shop, a kind eldery woman helps the desperate child retrace her steps until she locates the money in an unreachable spot beneath a curbside cellar gate. As the surrounding vendors and merchants close shop for the long holiday weekend, Razieh tries to enlist the assistance of several adults, none of whom seem to take seriously the magnitude of her predicament.

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