Best Horror Movies Streaming Now (250)

The Shining The Sixth Sense The Exorcist What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Jurassic Park King Kong Memories of Murder Young Frankenstein Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III - The Advent Kwaidan Onibaba Night of the Living Dead Black Friday The Blue Elephant 2 Let the Right One In Awe Black Swan The Machinist Diabolique A Nightmare on Elm Street Nosferatu the Vampyre The Testament of Dr. Mabuse The Painted Bird To Catch a Thief Three Days of the Condor Sleepy Hollow Nobody It Promising Young Woman They Live Freaks Dark Waters The Changeling Shyam Singha Roy Insomnia A Quiet Place Part II The Dead Zone Godzilla Prometheus I.T. I, Robot The Conjuring Carrie Pieta Andhaghaaram Army of Darkness Coherence American Animals The Matrix Reloaded 28 Days Later Barking Dogs Never Bite King Kong The Mummy The Platform Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil Let Me In Day of the Dead Sisters The Devil's Advocate The Conjuring 2 Gremlins Eraserhead House On Haunted Hill Memory: The Origins Of Alien World War Z (Extended) 1408 Chronicle Nightmare Alley Svengali Exiled 28 Weeks Later Brigham City Multiple Maniacs Cloverfield The Call Christine Odd Thomas Creepshow Escape From Pretoria House King of Devil's Island Jonestown: Paradise Lost Crooked House I Married a Witch Hellboy Red Dragon An American Werewolf in London Troll Hunter The Hitcher An American Crime Magic Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark Trance Frailty Invasion of the Body Snatchers Man Bites Dog The Brood Horror of Dracula Carnival of Souls Vampyr The Infernal Cauldron Freaks Resident Evil The Next Three Days Brothers Stoker Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me Bubba Ho-Tep Ginger Snaps The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane The Most Dangerous Game Bird Box The Descent Doctor Sleep Crimson Peak Black Christmas The Girl Next Door The Stepfather GANTZ:O Lady in White Trilogy of Terror Destroy All Monsters Titane Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street The Mummy Returns Blade II Pet Sematary Halloween II Nightbreed The World of Kanako Brimstone Saint Maud Godzilla, King of the Monsters! Bedlam Constantine From Dusk Till Dawn Lords of Chaos One Of Us The Lovely Bones Hunter Hunter Thelma The Shout Warm Bodies It Follows Greenland Kiss The Girls Traitor Stonehearst Asylum Black Death Hell House LLC When A Stranger Calls Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers Demon City Shinjuku Buzzard The Seventh Curse Zero Hour! The Lure A Field in England Blade Cliffhanger The Babysitter A Most Wanted Man The House That Jack Built The Beyond Young Sherlock Holmes Kongo Saw II Hitman The Faculty Hellraiser Monsters The Edge The Witches of Eastwick Phantasm Open Grave Dead & Buried The World, the Flesh and the Devil The Tribe Under the Shadow Let Him Go Signs Flightplan The Purge: Anarchy The Gift Scanners Apostle Sleepaway Camp The Bar Justice League Dark Most Dangerous Game The Creeping Flesh Twice Told Tales Mindhunters The Carmilla Movie My Friend Dahmer Tag Lights Out Jeepers Creepers Run. The Collector #Alive Turbo Kid The Good Neighbor Resolution Nancy Aurora The Amazing Mr. Blunden Borgman Dorian Gray No Exit The Batman vs. Dracula Godzilla vs. Hedorah The Tale Of Sweeney Todd The Uninvited Hide and Seek The Hound of the Baskervilles Fresh The Day After Tomorrow Contagion Transporter 2 The Arrival Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead Big Bad Wolves (English Subtitled) Tales Of Terror The Comedy of Terrors A Father's Son The Love Witch Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale The Lost World: Jurassic Park Sinister Annabelle: Creation The Exorcism of Emily Rose Outbreak Hostage The Hunt Case 39 A Perfect Murder Dark Skies Needful Things Black Sunday Willard Extraordinary Tales Man in the Attic Compliance Berlin Syndrome Sputnik The Transporter Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Insidious: Chapter 2 Cronos
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